Head Coach Lucas Luz has built up Gracie Swindon from scratch, quickly becoming the best school in the area.  Now, we welcome him to provide high quality BJJ in Stroud.  
Lucas received his black belt from the Legendary Gracie Academy at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, under Rolker Gracie, son of Helio Gracie the founder of Brazilian Jiu jitsu.  
Dedicating his life to the art and study of Jiu jitsu, Lucas believes in making the art accessible to everyone.
We offer classes for juniors, families and adults.  All our classes follow a carefully structured progression programme designed to help you achieve your goals safely, while building confidence and skill with every session you attend.  
Whether you want to get into better shape, increase your health and happiness, boost confidence, learn an effective form of self-defence, or engage in competitive grappling sports - the coaching team at Gracie Stroud can help you achieve your dreams and and welcome you to become part of a friendly, supportive team.  
Why not book a free trial session and come and see for yourself what jiu jitsu, and the team at Gracie Stroud, can do for you?

Experienced coach and brown belt under Lucas, Jacob Sworder will be teaching at Gracie Stroud and bringing his own enthusiasm and belief in reaching out to unlock the potential of every student. 


Jacob has previously trained in judo, boxing, kickboxing and MMA; he believes that jiu jitsu has benefits for everyone, no matter their age or health or any lack of previous training, and he dedicates his time to honing and perfecting both his BJJ skills and his coaching skills.  


A keen voice in favour of family workouts, Jacob's wife and children also train in jiu jitsu and he believes there are many benefits to exercising together in a supportive environment.