Junior Classes returning! 12th April 2021

We are delighted to finally be able to open the gym doors again - Junior classes are on, and we are looking forward to welcoming your young warriors back onto the mats.

There have been many changes to people's lives and priorities during lockdown, and we understand how difficult it might be for people coming back after a long time away. We're committed to offering high quality junior coaching with the focus on creating the best environment for children to grow and develop, and build the skills they need to recover from a very difficult past year.

Junior martial arts classes are more than just fitness (although that's important too, after the increased screen time many children have experienced during lockdown). Martial arts offer children a safe place to burn off excess energy and frustration. Many children have been left feeling helpless and isolated by the challenges of the past 14 months, and martial arts can give them a way to overcome those feelings to regain confidence, a sense of purpose, and build new friendships based on encouragement and team spirit.

At KO Stroud, we know that our junior classes are often the most important classes we get to teach, and we have been working to improve them during lockdown. When we reopen, all beginner junior boxing and thaiboxing students will receive a progress booklet when they sign up to a new membership, that will help them record their achievements and newly learnt skills. Not only can they focus their efforts towards each goal, but they can also proudly demonstrate their progress to friends and family.

We have also, after requests from parents, put on two new half hour classes for 3 - 6 year olds. These will teach basic movement patterns and exercises, class discipline and respectful behaviour towards fellow students, with a focus on fun and enjoyment for every student.

Our timetable is always evolving in accordance with our membership needs - we aim to build back up to our pre-lockdown class provision as quickly as possible, with another junior BJJ class already being planned for Thursdays. As always, we depend on your support to run the classes you need. Thank you - we can't wait to see you all next week!

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